F. H. Ernst Schneidler – Analysis of a font-face

The font analysis of Stempel Schneidler includes a detailed study of the font. The conventional and modern design analysis is an examination of the font characters, but also of the evolutionary history of the font, a comparison with other fonts, and an analysis of the typographer himself.

Project Outline

  • Time

    6 month

  • Scope

    Research the font-face. Write a design concept. Create the content. Design and produce the book.

  • Target Group

    Art Project

  • Product or Service

    Art book


  • Interviews
  • Secondary Research
  • Story Telling
  • Mockup and Prototyping
  • User Testing

My Role

  • Lead Designer
  • Book Author
  • Visual Artist
  • Concept Lead
  • Print Production


Marcel Menke

BookA legend of a font analysed

The analysis was developed by a team of two members and bound into a book. The font’s characters were analyzed in detail and the additional information and texts about the inception we researched meticulously.