Christmas Mail for NBC Universal

An interactive Christmas Mailing with artificial snow.

During my internship at Buero Alba in Munich, I had the chance to work on a Christmas direct mail for NBC Universal. The objective was to develop a unique idea for Christmas that would create an unexpected and exciting experience while conveying the values of the different TV channels that together make up the NBC Universal portfolio.

Project Outline

  • Time

    2 month

  • Scope

    Create a unique and engaging direct mail for Christmas 2013.

  • Target Group

    NBC's Business Partners

  • Product or Service

    Direct Mailing


  • Secondary Research
  • User testing
  • Mockup and Prototyping

My Role

  • Secondary Research
  • Concept Development
  • Supplier Research and handling
  • Mockup and Prototyping
  • Production


CardNBC's 2013 Christmas Mailing came with snow

We developed a Christmas card that could be folded into a water-holding reservoir. The mailing included a sachet of artificial instant snow. By setting up the reservoir, adding the snow and some water, the user would see the snow growing.


Layered digital scribble

Layered final illustration

Material Prototype

Final Protoype

Mailing frontal

Mailing unfold