Meet your digital Self

The digitization of the human species: My smartphone knows where I am, whom I know and what I have planned. The smartwatch knows how much I’m exercising and how my vital signs are. Smart glasses register what I have seen, whom I have looked at and with whom I traveled on the subway. The refrigerator knows what foods I have and tells me on the go what I have to buy for dinner.

These are the interfaces between me and my simulacrum – my digital self. But what does it look like and what does it make of us? I wanted to explore how much knowledge it has gathered, what it is learning from me, where in life it helps me and how it will develop in the future.

Project Outline

  • Time

    6 month

  • Scope

    Research the topic of your interest. Write a substantial book about your topic. Design and produce the book. Create an Exhibition based on the topic

  • Target Group

    Futuristic art book enthusiasts

  • Product or Service

    Art book and Exhibition


  • Secondary Research
  • Story Telling
  • Mockup and Prototyping
  • User Testing

My Role

  • Lead Designer
  • Book Author
  • Visual Artist
  • Concept Lead
  • Print Production
  • Exhibition Design


Solo Project

Book2013: Snap-shot of my own digitisation

The theme was processed in the form of a book. By using a gatefold, two separate books could be processed in one object. They picture the schizophrenia, the tension between the real and the digital self, and enable a playful contact with the content, which is getting more and more digital.