Verum Analytics

The holistic product quality indicator for online shops

Verum Analytics is a data-driven analytics company, positioned to become the ideal partner for Sustainable Suppliers and E-Commerce platforms. Together we work to be the catalysts of the Sustainable Mindshift*. We operate under a SaaS model (Software as a service) to create a cross-platform criterion that highlights the positive impact of sustainable products and brands and makes it easy for online shoppers to always know they’re making the right decision.

Project Outline

  • Time

    6 months

  • Scope

    Create a product and iterate until product market fit is achieved.

  • Primary Target Group

    Suppliers of sustainable products

  • Secondary Target Group

    Conscious Consumers

  • Product or Service

    Digital holistic quality measurement for Products


  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Street Interceptions
  • Expert Interviews
  • A/B Testing
  • Journey Mapping
  • Ecosystem Mapping
  • Storyboarding
  • Mockup and Prototyping

My Role

  • Lead Designer
  • Team Lead
  • Product Development
  • User Testing
  • Vision Building


  • Louis Zheng
  • Maria La Rotta
  • Pow Koychusakun

How might we reframe quality measurement to help sustainable suppliers maximize ROI on sustainable certifications and CSR initiatives?


Verum Analytics – Making Sustainability Count

Verum Analytics empowers Sustainable Suppliers so they can effectively highlight their values to increase their visibility and reach. Through our partnership with E-Commerce platforms we connect sustainable products with the new generation of consumers, to generate a positive impact in the world.

Verum ScoreWe developed a holistic sustainability score which seamlessly blends into the user interface of the online shop.

Sustainability is a messy place to be in. Too much information is floating around the internet. We built the score to cut through the noise and prioritize what is really relevant for the conscious end consumer. The added information creates an additional value proposition for the online shop, which is now able to provide product information which is cutomer oriented and up-to-date for its customer.

Impact Score FrameworkDifferent quadrants for different quality charactaristics

The Verum Score is based on an aggregated evaluation of the product’s impact. Our algorithm interprets product certifications for the shoppers and categorizes them into the four quadrants based on value priority for the end user.

PrototypeIt perfectly blends into the online store experience

Our launch product will be a plug-in for WooCommerce. This will integrate the following features, to prove our core value to E-Commerce Platforms and Sustainable Suppliers, while allowing us to refine it for the next stage of commercialization.

Shopping Cart Impact SummaryPurchasing sustainable goods is a contribution to a better world

Given that evidence of positive impact is a motivation for consumers, we will add a summary of impact before the purchase is complete. This will provide increased validation (an opportunity to continue shopping) before check out and potentially decrease the abandoned cart rate.

Verum ReportProviding sustainable suppliers with improved accuracy on the ROI of their certification investments

Data analysis that consolidates the insights about consumer behavior and preferences across our partner E-Commerce Platforms.

Value CreationCreating a tipple win situation for our main stakeholders

Verum Analytics uses product information and product certification to compile a single score. This score can be implemented into online shops via the Verum Analytics plugin. In return, the Plugin tracks user behavior and statistics which will be used to build the performance report. The Verum Analytics Report will be provided to suppliers and online shops to better understand the end consumers needs and priorities.


The Design Thinking Methodology

We followed the design thinking process which is divided into four main questions:
What is? What if? What wows? What works?

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